One of the main reasons why people are a little bit afraid to purchase used smartphones or other similar devices is the fact that they are not sure whether they will work or not. At Mobile Trade we have decided to eliminate that fear in potential buyers by introducing our warranty.

Used devices can work almost as good as new ones. Surely, there might be some things that will indicate that the device is a little bit worn or that it was used by someone in the past like a scratch on the back of the device or a batter that doesn’t have 100% health, but in most cases, we are talking about fully functional devices that should work without any problems. In other words, when you buy a device via Mobile Trade you should no be thinking about purchasing a new device for a while, at least not because it stopped working.

We take our quality inspection seriously

Before we go to the warranty that we have mentioned, let us highlight our quality inspection. So, at Mobile Trade, we are purchasing mobile phones, smartwatches, and tablets from other people willing to sell their unused devices. Before we buy them, we are evaluating their condition. Some of these devices don’t need any repairs while others can be fixed and become as good as new. We have a team of technicians that conducts a 45-point quality inspection. If something has to be fixed, we will do that in the best possible way ensuring that the device will work perfectly for the new owner.

A full warranty to give you peace of mind

As a result of the quality inspection we have described above, we are able to offer a full warranty for every device (be it a phone, tablet or a smartwatch) purchased via Mobile Trade. This warranty lasts for 12 months. So, if you use the newly-purchased device in a proper way and you still notice some problems like fast battery draining, for example, you should feel free to contact us at any time. Our team will assess the situation and if the problem is covered by our warranty, we will get the job done for free. It takes a short period of time for our knowledgeable, experienced and trained technicians to determine the problem and fix it. The warranty covers both parts and labor.

Discounted repairs

Even if you are the reason why your used phone (or smart device) that you have bought via Mobile Trade is damaged, you can still expect help from us. Namely, with every phone or device, you buy via Mobile Trade, you will get a free repair voucher. Surely, this voucher doesn’t cover the entire cost, but it will definitely make the repair cheaper. This repair voucher, just like the warranty, lasts for 12 months. Next time you drop your phone and something goes wrong, you don’t have to panic because you will get the best repair services at the lowest possible price.