Will Erasing My Old iPhone Affect My New iPhone

The iPhone is one of the best-known, most popular technological gadgets that we have on our disposal. There are several reasons why this is the case. The device is highly-functional, easy-to-use, and beautiful to look at. Apple is also one of the biggest brands in the world when it comes to technology. So, it’s easy to see why people are intrinsically captivated by Apple’s iPhone.

That being said, there are some questions that inevitably arise for iPhone users. One of them pertains to erasing the iPhone’s data. Namely, what happens if you erase the data on your old iPhone? Will it affect the data on your new phone in any way? What happens to my data when I sell my iPhone? you want to learn the answer to this question, then keep on reading.

Erasing the iPhone Data

Chances are that we don’t need to explain why you may want to delete the data on your iPhone. Perhaps you want to create more space for new apps. Or you may want to keep your privacy in check. Regardless, being able to do a factory reset is one of the most useful options on smartphones in general.

If you do a factory reset on an iPhone, then it means that you will lose all your data. Also, it means that you will destroy the data permanently. So, what happens is you have two iPhones connected on a single Apple ID?

Many iPhone users are concerned about this. They believe that they may inadvertently erase the data on both iPhones at the same time. Of course, in such a scenario, it means that they would lose valuable data. Moreover, they wouldn’t be able to retrieve this data later on.

Well, we’re here to tell you the good news. The good news is that you won’t have to worry about losing the data on your new iPhone.

Keeping Your New iPhone’s Data

We’ve established that if you happen to erase an iPhone’s data, you will still keep your new iPhone’s data. The two devices are not connected in this way. This goes despite the fact that they’re connected by using a single Apple ID. Regardless of how many devices you’ve connected in this way, you won’t have to worry about inadvertently deleting data.

Your new iPhone’s data will remain untouched. You won’t lose any data on your new iPhone if you erase the data on the old one. This goes provided you use the factory reset option on your old iPhone, and not your new one.

Doing Periodical Backups

You may not even care about your iPhone’s data. Regardless, we’re here to tell you that it’s paramount to keep backups. Using this option can be a life-saved in many instances. However, you’d be surprised to learn just how many people don’t even know that this option exists.

Backing up your data means that you will make a copy for safekeeping. It will be an exact duplicate of the data that you want to back up. This will buy you peace of mind so you won’t have to worry about losing data.

We’d go so far as to say that you should do a data backup before you perform an erase. Once you erase the data, then it will be too late to get your files back. So, if you happen to have made a backup, then you will be able to easily retrieve the data. And if you’re certain that there’s no data that you’d like to retrieve, you can easily delete the backup.

Long-story short, one of the most important things that you can do to safeguard your iPhone’s data is backup. All iPhones are equipped with this option and it’s very easy to use it. Moreover, back ups are done in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

Protecting Your Data

Now you know all the info you need about protecting the data on your iPhone. You know that you won’t erase your new iPhone’s data if you erase your old iPhone’s data. You also know of the paramount importance of doing periodical backups of your iPhone data.

Lastly, if you wish to protect your privacy, we would say that you should erase your iPhone’s data. We would also say that you should do this every once in a while. People inadvertently lose their iPhones all the time. So, if a person gets access to your iPhone’s data, then it may spell a catastrophe for you. This is why it’s important that you erase your old iPhone’s data from time to time.

Regardless, deleting your data and doing backups are very simple to do. Even people that are new to iPhones can go through these processes easily. Once you delete the old iPhone’s data, you’ll need to protect your new iPhone’s data. Now you know how to do this.