Things to Check Before Buying Used Smartphone
Buying a used phone is the best thing you can do, you will save your money and help the planet from getting a lot of new tech waste. On average person who chooses to go with used tech instead of new saves about 200$, that's nice cash if you ask us. But choosing to buy a used phone as your new smartphone can have a lot of benefits but there are things that you should be aware of. Check out all the things you should check/be aware of when buying a used smartphone.

Check Prices

The biggest benefit of buying used smartphones is saving some cash. With that said, always make sure that you get the best price on the phone you are planning to buy. Check prices online, and compare them with multiple resources to get an idea of the phone's value. Buying used phones should always save you some money especially when you are buying a phone that is more than a year old at the time of resale.

Buy Only From a Trusted Sellers

Buying used things online can be really tricky. There are many untrustworthy sellers out there (especially on eBay), Of course, there are many good sellers as well, that will list all flaws of the phone that are selling if there are some. But, if you are buying on eBay be prepared that the phone may not look as described, or it may not work as described. So, if you are buying on eBay make sure to read the seller reviews. This can help you decide if that’s the person you want to buy something from. Always read the reviews, and stay away from those who seem shady. MobileTrade is undoubtedly the best spot to buy utilized phones. We review each telephone to guarantee the best quality guidelines, offer a sensible return policy, and give client assistance to ensure that you are happy with your buy. This gives you longer to figure out if the smartphone meets your expectations. Check out all telephones currently at the SALE on Mobile Trade (ps. they all come with 1 YEAR WARRANTY).

Make Sure That You Can Use the Phone on Your Carrier

Not all telephones will work with any carrier. Often, when you buy a cell phone, the carrier is essential for the bundle. Accordingly, in the event that you as of now already have a carrier and simply need another telephone, you should buy a telephone that is viable with your carrier. Once in a while, your carrier will sell or rent you another telephone. They often sell refurbished or used phones so you can also check on that. But the safest thing is to buy unlocked phones, like the ones on Mobile Trade. When buying an unlocked phone you are making sure that you can use it with any type of carrier. Not being chained up with a single carrier is a thing making your life a lot more flexible and can also save you money sometimes.

Be Aware of Screen Scratches and Battery Life

Used phones can be in perfect condition. But it is still a used phone, and in most cases, it will have screen scratches or some other damages. It all depends on the previous owner. So, if a scratch or two is not a big issue, go for a used phone. One more thing that that can die is battery life. Battery life decreases over time, so you should check this one. You can check your phone battery health to make sure it's working properly. You can use apps like AccuBattery or if you are buying an iPhone, you can check Battery Health directly in settings.
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