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Sell Samsung Mobile PhoneMobile phones are being increasingly built to higher and higher quality standards as the years go on, essentially meaning they have high residual value even when they are broken. Mobile Phones are something that most people like to upgrade every few years. Companies such as Apple and Samsung launch new devices, packing bigger, higher specs. Every year there is a new models which outdates the predecessor you currently have today. In order to make that trade up it means you can either re-contract with your service provider on another 24 month contract or have your mobile phone fixed and brought back to a new standard by a repair store. Most choose to simply eat the cost and re-contract. Mobile Phones can be sold for cash even if they’re in a bad way, sitting in a top-sock draw collecting dust and have not been turned on for years.

Where You Can Sell your Broken Mobile Phone in Brisbane

The internet today enables mobile phone users to sell their devices in a number of ways; either on Gumtree, FaceBook Marketplace or even better to the experience team at Mobile Trade. Collectively we have over 15 years of experience in the mobile services industry, this means your broken mobile phone will fetch top dollar when sold. Mobile Trade operates a regularly updated website which provides users with real-time mobile phone prices and quotes, depending on device model, quality and whether or not it comes with any accessories.

Sell iPhone 8 with Mobile Trade Example Scenario;
1.) iPhone 8 with cracked glass, yet fully functional, with its original box and accessories – at the time of writing Mobile Trade will offer $340 if you sell your iPhone 8. Alternatively you can trade your iPhone with Mobile Trade at a value rate of $352. Trade prices because you will spend that store credit on an upgraded device like the new iPhone XR.

2.) iPhone 8 with cracked front screen, LCD and cracked camera glass, no box but comes with Original charger – due to more severe damage the iPhone 8, Mobile Trade will value you sale value at $175 or trade for $182. Note: the price is significantly lower due to the execution risk in getting value from such a broken iPhone.

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Sell Phones for Cash

Mobile Trade is better than Gumtree to sell a Mobile phone in Brisbane, it takes the hassle of negotiation away. All this is achieved by Mobile Trade’s smart, computerised device valuing system. Gone are the days when you’re hassled by bargain hunters to sell at ridicules prices. Sell your iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Google, iPad or Macbook for the highest price in Brisbane, this Mobile Trade. Simply jump onto the website, accept the quote and deliver or post to Brisbane CBD. Mobile Trade instantly quality matches the device, then pays funds to customer. In the case of a “Trade” Mobile Trade will product a store credit for the customer. Store credits will be higher than a direct sell to Mobile Trade. This no hassle service is loved by hundreds of device users in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide.

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Sell your iPhone

Selling iPhone’s on gumtree also comes with risks including but not limited too; scams, stolen mobile phones & cash or more serious cases of assault. We’ve heard some really nasty stories about selling phones on gumtree – be smart, sell with Mobile Trade Brisbane. Facebook marketplace is also a new marketplace to buy and sell mobile phones in Brisbane. There are times where things can workout great when selling on facebook marketplace. Same applies above – you must be cautious when selling high value devices like mobile phones, computers and tablets. Especially with people you don’t know or trust. Mobile Trade has a long track record of quoting fair prices to those in Brisbane who want to sell their iPhone or any mobile phone. We go above and beyond to deliver value to the seller, making it simple to sell a mobile phone.

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