If you are looking for ways to save the planet and money at the same time, join the millions who extend the life of mobile devices by buying high-quality used phones. Get a great phone at a lower price, and you will also help the environment!

Choosing pre-owned phones against new ones is environmentally friendly!

Let's face it, our planet is very polluted and recycling is the minimum we can do today in order to save it. Whether you will choose paper over plastic bags or bring your own bags, carrying a reusable water bottle, or sorting your trash, you are the part of the movement to help reduce waste and clean up the environment. So caring about the environment should be the norm these days.

How do smartphones impact the environment?

The shell of your phone is not the only thing made of metal, just think about what lies beneath. Inside your phone are all components made of mostly metal materials. Those materials include silver, gold, and palladium and they come from mines that contribute to the world's CO2 emissions. And mining is 85% to 95% of your phones total CO2 emissions in its first two years according to Greenpeace. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Still a good deal in 2020 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series: Great Pre-Owned phone in 2020

Upgrading your smartphone creates even more waste

Believe it or not, the U.S. leads worldwide by having the shortest time for upgrading to a new mobile device. It could be because the phone is lost or damaged but in most cases, people like to upgrade because of the latest phone features and network capabilities. While it's nice to get a newer phone model, a shorter replacement cycle can impact the environment as the demand for newer models and features to grow. Below you can see a picture that shows us the number of months that pass until people upgrade their smartphones in some countries.
The good news is you can upgrade your phone every 21 months and help the environment at the same time buy choosing to buy a quality pre-owned phone.

Help the environment and save money!

A previous study shows that at least 10 percent of premium smartphones bought in 2016 will end up having 3 or even more owners before being retired, and will still be used actively in 2020. The longer a phone is being used the better is for the environment. And with a high-quality pre-owned phones, you won't even know the difference. Your choice of buying a pre-owned phone makes a big difference. One million cell phones recycled saves 15 thousand kilos of silver, 35 thousand kilos of gold, and 13 thousand kilos of palladium, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. That's a lot of natural resources that could be preserved. Especially when there are millions of quality smartphones that are just waiting to be recycled.

Where to buy pre-owned phones?

MobileTrade is one of the best places to buy pre-owned phones. We will inspect every phone to ensure high-quality standards, offer a reasonable return policy, and provide customer support to guarantee that you are satisfied with your purchase. This gives you more time to determine if the smartphone meets your expectations. Help us save our planet and buy used phones! Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: Modern phone even now! Samsung Galaxy S10 Series: One of the best to buy in 2020