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Reasons Why You Should Buy a Second Hand iPhone Australia


Ben Turner 2022-04-28 20:44:42


Have you ever viewed one of those high-end iPhone or Samsung adverts? The next question that pops in your head is how and when will you ever get the kind of money to purchase it. Well, the smartphone is not the only thing around. You also need to put your smart consumer cap on. Used phones are not bad at all and all you need to do is approach these devices with a clear and open mind. As a society, it's important we start to think more about how we can circulate our tech rather than hold onto our old iPhones and buy brand new every year. Circulating our electronics can trigger a more sustainable and circular world which will have profounds impacts for generations to come, and positive effects for globalisation. In this article, we'll outline the importance you should consider making your next device purchase as second hand mobile phone.

According to Counterpoint Research, in 2019, almost 137 million used smartphones were sold in the United States and Europe. This means that the sale of used smartphones is no longer a strange phenomenon. Everyone is trying to save a buck while getting the features they love.

So, what is with the sudden insatiable appetite for used smartphones? Why can’t everyone just buy a brand-new device but cheaper? The answer is found in flagship phones and to be precise, the likes of Huawei, Samsung and of course, Apple. Let us focus on the big daddy of them all and that is Apple. People are willing to queue for hours prior to the launch of a new iPhone series. At this point the iPhones are so expensive and could set you back $2,000. But a few months after the launch of the phone, prices start dropping and can go as low as 50 per cent in two years. So why spend $2,000+ on anticipation when with delayed gratification, you can enjoy the same?

The Benefits Of Buying A Used Phone

We decided to skip straight to the good part. There are several benefits to enjoy when you buy a used smartphone.

Used phones are affordable

Now look at it this way, first and foremost you did not stand in a long line to get the phone and secondly you do not pay the original price. It’s like somebody else did the hard work for you and all you are paying for is the delivery fee. Refurbished phones are sold at great discounted prices. The fact that you get to enjoy advanced phone technology at a reasonable fee is reason enough to go on a second hand / refurbished phone shopping spree.

Used phones are usually in good condition

At we deal in the sale of used and refurbished smartphones. Before we store up on any used phone, we carry out thorough tests to ensure that the phone is in good functional condition and will give nothing less than optimum performance. We even go ahead and grade the phones based on performance and appearance. There is no compromise.

Used phones are quality assured

After the vigorous quality check and grading, the phone can now be sold. This is of course after the phone has passed multiple quality checks. One test is not enough just incase something was overlooked. Any credible and certified dealer will never deal in damaged goods.

There is a warranty

As a certified dealer of refurbished and used phones, our devices normally come with a warranty. This means that in the event something does not go well with the phone, we can repair or replace it for you within that particular time. Check out our site for the warranty terms and conditions.

You enjoy the perks of a brand-new phone

Since we deal in refurbished phones that are thoroughly checked, you can be sure that you will be enjoying all the features as though the phone were new. You should also note that most dealers provide insurance for refurbished phones bought directly from them.

Money-back guarantee

There are some dealers who offer a money-back guarantee in the event a customer is not satisfied with the product. The customer should ensure the phone is in the same condition they bought it and they will obtain a full refund. Mobile Trade offer a 15 Day Money Back Grantee, to learn more please visit

There are no contracts

Not everyone pays for a new phone in cash. In such cases, one has to sign a lengthy contract stipulating what they are to pay every month. If one does not toe the line then they will be penalized. Buying a used phone will save you from all this fuss.

The Environmental Factor on Buying Brand New Phones

What happens to the millions of flagship phones released every year? We must admit that there is a significant increase in technology consumption but the unfortunate part is that the environment is unable to handle our insatiable appetite for new gadgets. Environmental awareness has given way to the adoption of several environmental solutions but one major approach is by using refurbished phones. Now, this is the kind of magic that happens when you opt for a refurbished iPhone or any other phone for that matter.

Reduced energy consumption

A lot of effort, time and natural resources go into the making of a single smartphone. Now multiply all that with a million handsets. The number of harmful pollutants plus the energy used is so high. The following year a new phone is released and everyone wants a new gadget forgetting the old. Buying a refurbished or used phone significantly reduces the energy consumed and natural resources used in phone manufacturing.

Less toxicity

The lesser the number of smartphones we buy the lesser toxic components are released in the soil or water. Buying a used phone protects our ozone layer and our lungs.

Less electronic waste

With everyone becoming environmentally conscious, an increase in refurbished phone purchase means a decrease in the amount of electronic waste in our landfills.

We get to save on raw materials

Most of the raw materials used in the production of smartphones are sourced from far and the process is not pretty. There is extensive mining and digging that interferes with the structure of the earth. Transporting these products from the point of extraction to production generates a huge carbon footprint. This is all avoidable.

The Dark Power Behind Every Smartphone

As huge names in the smartphone industry release high end phones annually, there is someone who digs deeper and in very dangerous conditions for a merger pay. The aim is to retrieve cobalt, that which every phone needs for its rechargeable battery.

The largest source of cobalt is in the Democratic Republic Of Congo, DRC. According to a report by, children under 18 are not supposed to work in mines but since the law is not widely observed in the DRC for social and economic reasons, children start working in mines at a very early age. Families have limited income and everyone does what they can to help cover the costs including children. For these children, working in the mines is not a choice. They work in the most inhumane conditions with limited tools. Their childhood is spent underground so that the world enjoys the next smartphone release.

Used Phone Grading System

As much as every used phone is tested and repaired, if necessary, not every used smartphone is the same. Here is what you can roughly expect when it comes to used phone grading:

Grade A ( Brand New / Near New

This is as close as to the real deal you will get. The phone has no marks and normally comes with the original packing and even accessories.

Grade B

This category is of phones that have slight dents or scratches. The phone still works well but perhaps not perfectly. You will still be given the original accessories.

Grade C

These phones are in full working order but their looks aren’t. They are normally sold without the original accessories.

Grade D

Phones in this category are normally used for parts and repairs. They are normally sold to mobile phone technicians.

The performance of a used or refurbished phone depends on several factors. This is why it is important to only buy such phones from authorized dealers. It is recommended that you thoroughly check the phone before purchasing.

What To Check For In A Used Phone

Now that you know the advantages of purchasing a refurbished phone, here are a few practical tips on what to check for.

  • Do not work with stolen phones. Buying a stolen phone will always get you into trouble with the law. The phone might have been used in unlawful activities. Always buy your phone where you are issued with a receipt. It should be a business that is recognized in town.

  • Always insist on being given a copy of the original bill with the name of the original buyer. This bill should have the date, time and store of purchase.

  • Check the battery compartment for the IMEI sticker. You can also dial a code to retrieve the same. Ensure the IMEI matches the serial number on the bill and packaging box. If the phone has dual sim slots, then you will receive two IMEI numbers. If all the details match, then you can confidently purchase the phone.

When purchasing a second hand iPhone, Second hand Samsung or Second hand mobile phone through Mobile Trade Australia, we take the above guess work out for you. Each device is unlocked, with a clear IMEI number. You can now go ahead and make an informed decision concerning refurbished phones. Speak to a certified refurbished phone retailer today and start enjoying those flagship phone perks for a much-discounted price. Check out for more details and fantastic deals.

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