Is it worth buying used smartphone?
When it comes to buying a new phone you have 2 options: you can either buy some new device or you can try to get some deal on used phones. This decision is fairly self-explanatory for the frugal folks between us: used phones are cheaper, therefore the better bargain. This may sound true but may not always be true. With the rising of the mid-range and budget phones, which can sometimes give you devices that perform the same as some models that cost twice as much. There are a lot of companies like Xiaomi and Oppo that make phones that deliver a high-end experience for as little cash as possible, these are called "flagship killers". But also you should keep in mind that those budget and mid-range phones will never be real flagships. Flagship phones are so much more than just some raw specs. Things that make them flagships like design, innovations, cameras, display, etc. are much more important than what's under its hub. With all that said, the best reason to buy used phones is if you are looking to buy some of the previous flagship devices. You should be able to get them for at least 30% less than their launch price. By purchasing such devices, you will get one quality device that will probably last you more than those mid-range/budget phones because of better workmanship.

Help the planet

Another benefit of buying is that you are actually helping to save the planet from its environmental problems and creating even more waste. An American study shows that at least 10 percent of premium smartphones bought in 2016 will end up having 3 or even more owners before being retired, and will still be used actively in 2020. The longer a phone is being used the better is for the environment. And with a high-quality pre-owned phones, you won't even know the difference. Your choice of buying a pre-owned phone makes a big difference. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, one million cell phones recycled saves 15 thousand kilos of silver, 35 thousand kilos of gold, and 13 thousand kilos of palladium. That's a lot of natural resources that could be preserved. Especially when there are millions of quality smartphones that are just waiting to be recycled.

Where to buy pre-owned phones?

MobileTrade is one of the best places to buy pre-owned phones. We will inspect every phone to ensure high-quality standards, offer a reasonable return policy, and provide customer support to guarantee that you are satisfied with your purchase. This gives you more time to determine if the smartphone meets your expectations. Help us save our planet and buy used phones!

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