How Much Your Old Phone is Worth In Australia - Calculator

How Much Is My Phone Worth In Australia?

Reselling your used smartphone is a smart way to get the most out of a purchase. If it’s in good condition and you’re planning to buy a new or second hand device, it’s always a good idea. However, where do you start exactly? It’s not as if you can just walk out of your house and sell your smartphone right? Well, we’ve got the perfect guide for you here!

Things can seem a bit difficult, but worry not. With our simple step by step guide, you’ll be selling your phone in no time. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do, in what sequence, and where to go after that. Once you’re done, you’ll have a fresh batch of money in your hand, ready to go and buy your new smartphone! So, without further ado, let’s get straight into the guide.

Using A Mobile Phone Value Calculator

First thing’s first, you’ll want to hit up our mobile phone value calculator! It’s a nifty little tool that we provide our visitors with. All you really need to do to use it is input your smartphone model, and then answer the subsequent questions. These will help us better understand what condition your smartphone is in. Breaking all these questions down is what determines your phone’s value.

It’s important to be honest during this process, even if it seems like it brings down the value. Don’t embellish or exaggerate the smartphone’s condition. We’re always offering our best price for your device, so don’t worry about a thing. Just relax and answer everything as accurately as possible.

After answering everything, we will offer you a price that fits the condition of the smartphone. From here, you’re free to either accept the price on offer. There’s no pressure to take the price, though it’s good to have an upfront idea on what you’ll get for your device. If you agree on the price, then all that’s left is to drive over to one of our outlets to trade in the smartphone.

How Much Can You Sell Your Samsung Galaxy For?

Considering how popular and prevalent Samsung smartphones are, it’s very likely you’re using one right now. If so, then you may wonder, how much exactly would your device be worth? Thankfully, if you’re a Samsung user, you’re in luck. Unlike many other Android devices, Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones maintain their value over long periods of time.

This means that even if your device is 1 to 2 years old, its price won’t depreciate too much. You should still expect to get a fairly decent amount of money when you choose to sell your Samsung Galaxy - even after a while. When it comes to newer devices however, you’ll find you can fetch great prices. For example, we currently offer $564 for the Samsung Galaxy S21, and you can even get $653 for a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. 

Even older devices are worth a fine amount thanks to the spare part market. Many people stick to their Samsung Galaxy smartphones for very long periods of time. It’s normal for them to then get attached to said devices, and they’ll need parts for when they get faulty. That’s where your device comes in, allowing us to salvage parts to save another device. 

How Much Can You Sell Your Apple iPhone For?

When it comes to iPhones, they’re in a similar boat to Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Because of how popular they are and how common you find them, their value doesn’t depreciate that much. Parts are always in demand for the iPhone, so you’re always in luck with this one. Having an iPhone essentially means you’ve got a fair deal at all times.

Of course, newer models are going to be worth more than older ones. Despite that, you’re still getting a good sum of money regardless of which device you have. Generally they fetch good prices no matter what, as long as you’re going to a reputable buyer. Even some of the oldest iPhones can fetch a decent sum, so always make sure to never toss out your used iPhones.

Regardless of what phone you have, you’ll still be alright. Simply follow the guide below, and you’ll sell your old smartphone for cash in no time. It’s really just as simple as that!

Sell Your Smartphone for Cash in Brisbane & Sydney 

Mobile Trade offers 3 different convenient locations where you can sell your iPhone in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. After using the mobile phone value calculator, we’ll show you all the shops around you so you can find the one that’s nearest to you. Our Mobile Trade shops offer all the common mobile phone accessories and serving but most importantly it’s where you’ll drop / send your phone to trade it in for CASH!

Once you get there, our trained professionals will give your smartphone a thorough rundown. We’ll check on its condition and whether every question answered matches up well. Putting the device through the testing process allows us to properly assign a price to it. We’ll even offer a better price depending on our thorough evaluation. 

From there, if we’re happy with the device, we’ll pay you the promised amount. Mobile Trade offers payments in the form of bank transfers or even cash. All that’s left now is for you to receive your money and do what you’d like with it. We hope this guide has helped you out with calculating how much your device is worth.

If Your iPhone, iPad or Samsung is Broken, Is it worth Selling?

Mobile Phones are worth something in almost any state. Mobile Trade buys broken mobile phones all the time and the payout to customers is more than you would think. An easy way to work out approximately what your broken mobile phone is worth is to check the second-hand market selling price for your model device.

Once you have this value, the next step is easy - Simply call 1-2 mobile phone repair shops and ask for a quote to repair your device. From there you can work out like this - the market selling price of a non-broken iPhone 11 Pro is $580. The iPhone 11 Pro Screen Replacement quote was $199 so the value of your device should be approximately $380. 

One of the excellent things about selling your broken smartphone to Mobile Trade is their online device value calculator will generate a value for your specific device.