Big Smartphone Sales Currently Ongoing On Mobile Trade
The time of the biggest discounts is long gone, but Mobile Trade still got a lot of smartphone sales currently ongoing. Can it be better, you are saving money just by buying used phones and on top of that, there are some discounts? In today's blog post, we will go through some best sales and discounts currently ongoing on Mobile Trade.

Samsung Galaxy Note

The whole Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series is currently on sale. Note 10 was priced at $899 but right now you can grab it for just $845, but if you go with Note 10 Pro you can save more money since it was $1200, and now it is just $999. If you still want to go for some cheaper variant of the Galaxy Note phones, there is a Note 8 sale currently ongoing. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 right now is at a discounted price of $475.

Samsung Galaxy S series

The best thing about Galaxy S series is that you buy a great phone that will last you a long time for a fair price. It's even better if you buy it used and then save more money and use it for the same time period. Samsung Galaxy S10 currently costs only $529 with a 70$ discount, and S10 Plus currently costs $699 with a $100 discount included. If you want a cheaper option, there is Galaxy S8 series sale ongoing right now for just $399 and S8 Plus going for the same price.

Apple iPhone X Also on Sale

The iPhone X series is well known as one of the most successful lineups Apple released so far. XS Max was released back in September 2018. It comes with a 6.5-inch Super Retina OLED display, Apple A12 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 64GB / 256GB / 512GB of storage, dual camera on the back, and a 3200mAh battery. What’s even better is that is currently on sale for just $949 on Mobile Trade.

Where to buy the best pre-owned phones them?

MobileTrade is without a doubt the best spot to purchase used telephones. We inspect every phone to ensure high-quality standards, offer a reasonable return policy, and provide customer support to guarantee that you are satisfied with your purchase. This gives you more opportunity to decide whether the cell phone lives up to your desires, though purchasing a telephone from an irregular individual on eBay regularly compels you to quickly check the gadget face to face. What's the best thing is that we have a lot of smartphone sales going every once in a while.
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